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AI Artathon

A Global AI Summit Initiative

Shaping the future of AI, together


AI Artathon is one of the global AI summit Global competition that brings together artists and AI experts from around the world to combine Art with Artificial intelligence. Continuing the competition with live streaming to further announce the AI Artathon winners.


Teaming up artists and AI experts from all over the world to create and showcase ten artworks in the AI artwork exhibition taking place at the Global AI Summit 2020.

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Program Phases




23-25 January 2020

King Abdullah Financial District, Riyadh.




26 January – 30 March 2020

Vibes Offices, Riyadh




During the global AI summit

AI Artathon Roadmap

Online Application & Registration

Starts: 22 December 2019 (07:00 PM KSA time)
Ends: 07 January 2020 (07:00 PM KSA time)

AI Artathon

Date: 23 – 25 January 2020
Location: King Abdullah Financial District, Riyadh

150 participants from diverse fields of designers and 150 participants from technology background invited to team up. Participants will be introduced to AI artforms, concept techniques and technical development modules through workshops, mentoring sessions and courses to complete their prototype artwork in teams of 1 to 3 members.

AI training Program

Date: 26 January – 30 March 2020
Location: Vibes Offices, Riyadh

20 teams shortlisted from the AI Artathon will join a training program. The program would be in the training/workshop centre and available online for international teams. It will consist of weekly workshops, mentorship sessions, physical lab to test & create AI arts to produce final 10 AI artworks to be showcased in an exhibition at the Global AI summit.

Live stream announcing the winners:

Date: 29 September 2020

The Global AI Summit 2020 will hold a special AI artwork exhibition in which an award ceremony will be held during the opening event to announce the top three artworks.

The winners artworks:

First Place

Museum of GAN

Second Place

Meruem – The Chimera Ant Queen

Third Place

Emergent Topographies

Artathon Goals

Create awareness about AI through art

Engage the public domain with AI through art and culture in an interactive manner.

Encourage the innovation in AI

Promote the field of AI by taking developers, programmers & various types of visual art communities on an artistic journey.

Nurture and empower AI communities

Create a platform for AI enthusiasts to engage and collaborate on multi-fronts to foster an ever-growing community of new generation of artists.

Qualified Artworks
SAR 500K+
Cash awards

Stay tuned in the live broadcast!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will the winners be announced?

Virtually via the live streaming on our social media accounts.

When will the live streaming start?

September 29, 8:00pm.

Where can I watch the live stream?

Via the social media accounts of the Global AI Summit.

How can I attend the live streaming?

Everyone can attend via the Global AI Summit’s social media accounts.

When will the prize-giving ceremony take place?

During the Global AI Summit.

When will the AI artwork exhibition be held?

During the Global AI Summit.

Where can I browse the artworks?

Via Artathon’s ( website.)